Emergency Contact Details

Emergency Contact Details

What to do in the event of an emergency...

If you have an emergency outside normal office hours, we hope this guide will be of use to you. However, these services are to be used in an emergency only. If a tradesman is called out to a job that could have been attended to in office hours, the tenant may be liable for part or all of the total bill.

Please always remember to CALL/TEXT our emergency contact listed at the end of this document to keep us up to date with any action you have taken and/or follow up with an email – jamie@more-management.co.uk


An event which puts you or the property in danger of harm or seriously hinders your ability to inhabit the property. That which under no circumstances could wait until More Management reopened. Please adopt a common sense approach in determining what can be classed as an emergency.

Examples of emergency situations: Loss of heating, water and gas leaks, loss of power.

Examples of non-emergencies: Appliance failure, dripping taps, broken furniture.

Loss of Electricity, Gas or Water

If your property has a total loss of electricity supply firstly check all fuses/circuit breakers to make sure they are operational and check with your neighbours to see if they have the same problem. Please ensure that for Pre-Payment meters, you have enough credit on your account. This will often be shown on the meter itself.

Electricity – You can phone 105 service you can also contact the network directly. Central & Southern Scotland – 0330 1010 222 (from mobiles).

If your electrical problem is specific to your home and is deemed an emergency, please call our Emergency Contactor listed below:

Elite Electrical
Billy – 07710 552423

National Gas Emergency Service

If you smell gas you must contact Transco immediately. This service is free and they will have an engineer with you within 2 hours. Follow any instructions Transco give until they arrive. Scotia Gas Networks website offers a list of dos and don’ts if you smell gas – www.sgn.co.uk (contact us, emergencies). Switch off all appliances and open the windows.

Transco – 0800 111 999

Water - Scottish Water

If you experience loss of water, it could mean that work is being done on-street to the supply. Alternatively, a neighbour might have work being done in their home and may have forgotten to advise you that as a result the supply to your building has been switched off. Please check with your neighbours as a first action.

Call Scottish Water on 0845 601 8855

Plumbing, Heating & Hot Water Emergencies

Please note a dripping tap does not qualify as an emergency. Our plumbers will not to attend unless your problem constitutes an emergency.

If your property is leaking into another you must try and turn off your water supply. You will have been shown where the valve is during your move in however it will also be photographed & location described within your digital inventory. If you have a burst pipe or any other event that could be considered an emergency (i.e. either you or the fabric of the property is at risk) then contact our emergency plumber:

Gaswarm – 07973379785

Heating or Hot Water breakdowns

Our plumbers are Gas Safe registered and can attend for gas central heating & hot water issues which surpass the most common causes i.e. topping up the boiler pressure or re-igniting a pilot light.

In the event of loss of heating or hot water issues, please contact our Emergency Contact listed below.

If you are unable to speak to our emergency contact please contact the following contractors below.

Scott McLennan Heating and Gas – 07725 223 675
Gaswarm – 07973379785 (Ian Harkess)


Many common drain blockages affecting your sink, wash basin, shower tray or bath can often be cleared by using the following Drain Clear products – HG Liquid Drain Unblocker or for more stubborn blockages HG Drain Clear Duo.

If neither of these products are effective with clearing your blockage, please advise our Emergency Contact listed within this document.

If you are unable to speak to our emergency contact please contact the following contractors.

Scotdrain – 07766 573 422

Blockages affecting common/shared pipework

Edinburgh Council
0800 23 23 23 Monday to Thursday 8am to 5pm and Friday 8am to 3.40pm
0131 200 2000 weekdays 5pm to 8am and weekends.

Water leaking into your property?

In the event of a serious leak from an adjoining property, you must make every attempt to contact the householder, ensuring that they attend to the leak promptly and turn off the water supply if necessary. If a property is vacant, or the householder is refusing to take action contact Environmental and Consumer Services – they can force entry and turn off the water supply if deemed necessary. Please advise More Management at the earliest opportunity.

Edinburgh Council Environmental Service – 0131 608 1100
Edinburgh Council Emergency or Critical Situation – 0131 200 2000

Do not call out our emergency plumber as there is little they can do without access to the property that is leaking and you may therefore be charged for the call out.

Service Contract Agreements i.e. Scottish Gas Homecare

You will have been given this information when you moved in explaining whether or not your property is covered by a service contract for heating, electrics, plumbing or all three. If your property is covered by such an agreement please make sure you only call the provider for assistance – you may be responsible for call outs from other tradesmen which otherwise would have been covered.

Locked out?

If you lose your keys or have problems gaining access please always try to call our office. Out with office hours calls will be diverted to our General Emergency Contact listed within this document. To simply gain access when keys are lost or you are locked out there will often be a charge out with office hours, however support should normally be possible and is likely to be less costly than an emergency locksmith. You can opt to use a locksmith however this will be at your own expense.

In any other circumstances, when instructing a locksmith please only gain access to the property and immediately contact our office to report & discuss further requirements such as key and lock replacement (if required). In the event that you decide to instruct a locksmith you may be liable for the for the full cost.

We recommend…

Edinburgh Lock Centre – 0131 667 9071 – 78 Ratcliffe Terrace, Edinburgh, EH9 1SR

Edinburgh Lock Centre logo

Police & Fire and Rescue

Please ensure you report break-ins or criminal damage immediately. We may need your crime reference number to assist the landlord with any subsequent insurance claim.

Police & Fire – If you or someone else is in immediate danger please call 999.

o report a non-emergency crime call 101.

Emergency Contact

Please use the information on this document to help if you are ever in need out with business hours.

Our emergency contact is Jamie More (business owner) – 0131 378 2997 or 07939540047.

If your call is not answered, please leave a message or text stating your name, address and problem. You will receive a call back as soon as is possible.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation & understanding during any difficult moments.
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