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Seamless Property Sourcing from start to finish. We offer complete support to investors exploring Buy to Let property in Edinburgh.

‘More Management & Lettings are the standard against which all other agents should be measured.’

Finding the right property investment for you.

With almost two decades of experience in Edinburgh Property Letting & Management, we help property investors become thriving landlords. Wherever you are in the UK or international investors, we can support you throughout your journey to becoming a landlord in Edinburgh.

Our Investment Property Sourcing Services

Option 1

Support for Property Investors

For property investors happy and able to source and view properties themselves. We offer free support, on hand to provide advice and rental valuations whenever required. Often we are a sounding board before any formal offer is made.

Our focus is on guiding or reassuring investors on buying the right properties so that they become part of the More family and we can build successful long-term relationships.

Option 2

More Support for Property Investors

For property investors based outside of Edinburgh or those unable to carry out their own property search/viewings and also require help with selecting a solicitor or finance options. 

We work closely with each client ensuing that they are in touch with the right people at all stages. This includes researching the market for available investment options, shortlisting, viewing, appraising properties and making recommendations on any refurbishment or minor cosmetic enhancements needed as well as advising on the landlord compliance elements. The fee for this service is discussed on an individual basis.

Understanding Edinburgh Property Investment

Here are the main steps to successful property investment.

Property Investors in Edinburgh

Getting Started

  • Identify Investment Goals
  • Understanding the best ownership options
  • Registering with a solicitor
Property Investors in Edinburgh

Comparing Investment Options

  • Where to search & what to look for
  • Home Reports & Red Flags
  • Focused searching increases efficiency
Property Investors in Edinburgh

Making an offer and final steps

  • Offering & Purchase Complete
  • Refurbishment, furnishing & Compliance
  • Hand Over to us to find tenants & manage day to day

Reputation Means Everything

  • We thrive in what we do and our landlords & tenants agree
  • 5 star impartial reviews on Google & allAgents

We invest on our service

  • We use modern software to deliver a transparent & efficient service
  • We invest in our marketing. Properties advertised on

Customer Service Fanatics

  • Dedicated point of contact at all stages
  • Experienced & efficient communication 


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4.98 out of 5
based on 59 reviews
27th January 2024
petra n said:
Amazing service! I am moving to Edinburgh and it will be my first time moving alone. It was very hard to find a place since the market is so quick. But Jamie was super helpful during this whole process and helping me get the place I wanted and answering all my questions. Thank you!!!
19th January 2024
Serge Guniat said:
When we arrived in Edinburgh it was complicated to find a listening agent, trying to find a good fit to our lodging needs. Jamie clearly made the difference and adapted to propose the best match between available opportunities and requirements. In addition, the contact is always friendly and open minded. If you are looking for a customised answer More is clearly suited.
15th January 2024
Dr Nicole Gipson said:
Far and away the best letting experience I have had. I could not be happier with this high-end service. Why? Jamie More provides an efficiently delivered service and is: 1. Very professional 2. Very proactive 3. Very responsive to my needs
3rd November 2023
Willow Austin said:
As newcomers to Scotland and the Edinburgh rental market, my partner, Rich, and I were initially uncertain about navigating the market. That's when we had the good fortune of connecting with Jamie at More Management and Lettings. From the get-go, Jamie was a great resource, easing us through the rental process with a level of expertise and patience that was truly commendable. We're now settled into an apartment that feels like home, and much of that comfort comes from knowing Jamie is just a call away for any queries we might have. He's been incredibly accessible, something we've found to be a significant relief in those first few weeks of acclimatizing to a new city. What stood out the most was how Jamie made the entire rental process feel easy and stress-free. His assistance was a game-changer for us, transforming what could have been an overwhelming experience into a smooth journey. To anyone stepping into Edinburgh's rental market, we highly recommend More Management and Lettings for a service that goes above and beyond. Big thanks to Jamie for being our steadfast guide!
10th August 2023
Kelly said:
Genuine, responsive and extremely helpful! I would highly recommend Jamie.
10th August 2023
Chloe Cuthill said:
With the tough rental market in Edinburgh, I was so happy to find Jamie at More Management & Lettings. He made the process of looking for a property comfortable, easy and personable. As soon as I expressed interest in a property he made the process so simple and was always available to answer any questions I had. If I were to move again I know that I would use More Management & Lettings in a heartbeat!
9th August 2023
Dorota Lings said:
Our property has been managed by Jamie @ More Management & Lettings for over a year now. The property had been our first family home and we had mixed feelings about letting it out for the very first time. We had spoken to several other lettings agents before talking to Jamie. It was only when we spoke to Jamie that we felt reassured. He was very professional from the initial contact and has remained consistent in providing the professional yet approachable attitude ever since. He was very appreciative of our home and fully understood and addressed our concerns as landlords-to-be. He is respectful and shows integrity in all his actions. We feel our property is in the best hands. Jamie skillfully balances representing our interests whilst making sure our tenants have a great experience, too. This review comes with an excellent recommendation of 5 stars.
9th August 2023
Andrei-Gabriel Munteanu said:
Jamie helped me and my partner find our home when we moved to Edinburgh and were looking for a flat to rent, dog included! Most of the agents we contacted before were very reluctant to rent to us because we have a pet and it was the first time renting a flat in the UK, but Jamie was very understanding yet professional. He was empathetic, kind and provided us with a lot of information during the process. We cannot recommend his services enough, the whole experience was transparent and stress-free. Also, the property was thoroughly cleaned before we moved in which made the move a lot easier.
9th August 2023
Ella said:
Jamie went out of his way to help us find the perfect flat having met us at a viewing for a different property. In the Edinburgh market for HMO housing, we remain incredibly grateful for this help.
2nd August 2023
Cess Bucle said:
We moved in to Edinburgh at the beggining of last year without having any flat rented. We were a bit anxous about finding somewhere to live quick because we were paying our staying at an hotel. The luck was on our site when we found Jamie. He found the perfect flat we needed and just within a week we were living there, dog included. He was very helpful and we are very grateful 🙂
1st August 2023
Sophia said:
More Management were superb.They offered a truly bespoke service, unlike many letting agents, going above and beyond on many occasions. Jamie was very helpful and quick to resolve any issues supporting both us and the landlord. Would definitely recommend. It was always a treat to see Murray the dog too! 🙂
1st August 2023
Gail Robinson said:
Jamie was really helpful and made renting the property a smooth process
16th July 2023
Mariana Almeida said:
Jamie and More Management & Lettings offered great service, kept me informed throughout the renting process and did everything possible to accomodate my needs. Jamie was better informed than anyone in any othr agencies and he also worked hard to push things through as quickly as possible. Jamie answered all my questions quickly and was able to quickly solve any problems. He also returned calls in a timely manner anc was able to put me at ease during the stresfull renting process around a very busy moment in Edinburgh. With Jamie and More Management & Lettings I found my dream flat and I am very happy with it. Most importantly, I feel safe and very well looked after.
6th July 2023
Cale Walsh said:
Jamie has been incredible to deal with. In our search for a flat my partner and I spoke with a number of agents in Edinburgh but we didn't find any who were nearly as engaged, responsive and helpful as Jamie. I couldn't recommend his services highly enough.
5th July 2023
Miguel Somarriba said:
I would highly recommend More Management & Lettings! We rented a property from Jamie for almost 3 years. He was a great, very professional, kind, and friendly agent. We wish him all the best.
3rd July 2023
Nalini said:
Jamie has been efficient in sorting everything. He listens and does his best to sort everything on time. I have had good experience with Jamie and he has been approachable and keeps me well informed. It has been a delight working with Jamie.
26th June 2023
Ally Kennedy-Bearman said:
Jamie More has been my go-to Lettings Agent for years and he has recently let a new property for me. The whole process was flawless, from start to finish and I literally wouldn't do this without him. His communication throughout has been so reassuring – I know I can count on him 100%. I can't recommend More Management & Lettings more highly.
2nd June 2023
Colin MacAndrew said:
Absolutely delighted with the comprehensive and professional service offered by More Management. Jamie's years of management experience have given him a thorough understanding of the Edinburgh rental market, enabling him to offer valuable guidance on appropriate tennant demographic and realistic rental level for our property. The company also provided comprehensive advice on regulatory requirements and organised appropriate remedial work. This was of great reassurance given that this was our first rental property. Any day to day issues have been resolved with transparency and professionalism. Thank you.
2nd June 2023
Marco Petrucci said:
Jamie More at More Management and Lettings is the standard against which all other agents should be measured. I have dealt with a number of agents in the past and none come close to providing the same level of service. Despite only requesting a let-only service, Jamie was willing to assist in a number of areas from arranging safety certifications to opening the doors for new appliance deliveries. He was always available and always clear in his advice. In addition to the administration, Jamie is fair. He is able to determine the rent that will hold for the duration, rather than the "quick buck" that will only last a few months, resulting in lower occupancy. As a result, my property is fully compliant, rented to a lovely tenant and will be occupied for the foreseeable future. I would like to express my thanks to Jamie and I fully encourage anyone looking for an agent to go no further than with Jamie.
19th May 2023
Michaela said:
I would highly recommend More Management & Lettings! As a young professional, I really appreciated the transparency of the whole renting process. Jamie is extremely helpful and understanding. It has been great to be able to communicate clearly.


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